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Fee Structure

Our fees are usually calculated on a time taken basis and the hourly rate depends on the type of work undertaken and the level of staff required for that work. We will advise you in advance of the hourly rate we will use and will often give you an estimate of what we think the final fee will be. If you ask us for a formal quote, we will provide you with one, on the understanding that if the work required is substantially more than anticipated because of the poor state of records or an unforeseen complication, we will agree with you the additional charge to be made.

In recent years we have introduced a ‘reward’ system for the early provision of tax return information. If you provide your information to us before the end of June we will discount your usual fee, however, if the information is provided to us after the end of November, an additional charge will be imposed.

Further details of fees and discounts can be obtained by contacting us direct through the contact us section.

Free Initial Consultation

The first half an hour meeting you have with us is always free as we do not know whether we can help you or provide you with any advice until we have obtained certain facts. After the initial free consultation, we will require you to sign our engagement letter and provide various documents to verify your identity and your address. We will then charge for any advice etc at our hourly rates.